How Erectile Dysfunction Occurs?

Today I want to discuss with your erectile dysfunction. Particularly we are going to look at the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, cause that has gone largely overlooked and underappreciated within the public eye. And we’re also going to look at the science on the best way to reverse that cause.

It’s tough to present what could be a real cure for people because of all these weird ads of instinct cures and pumps, pills that make you go temporarily colorblind. But I assure you there is something real here, and if you want to learn about this and possibly solve your issue, please keep reading.

Ok, let’s get right into this. Real quick snapshot:

Brief statistics:
30  million men in the US have erectile dysfunction.

One in four new cases of ED are men under  40, and by the age 40 you have about a 40% chance of getting erectile dysfunction, and that has a stepwise increase until you reach 70,  in which you have a 70% chance of having erectile dysfunction. This is an epidemic.

They see the penis is the window to a man’s heart, but equally, as accurate, the softness of a penis can be the window into a man’s heart disease. It’s more like a crystal ball into their heart disease future. I’m not going to make any more jokes.

From this study on cardiovascular disease, two-thirds of the men experience erectile dysfunction in the years leading up to their cardiovascular disease diagnosis. Erectile dysfunction has been referred to as the canary in the coal mine for cardiovascular disease. It is the first indicator.

Getting erectile dysfunction in your forties, for example, is associated with a mind-boggling 5000% increased chance of getting heart disease including a fatal heart attack in the next ten years after your ED diagnosis.

So why is it such an effective warning sign for cardiovascular disease? Because it is the beginning of the cardiovascular disease. Here’s how it works. Just like how most heart disease cases are caused by a clogged or impaired heart artery, most erectile dysfunction cases are caused by a clogged or impaired penile artery.

Quick Note
From this paper in the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular disease astoundingly vascular disease was probably the most common cause of erectile dysfunction and all the vascular disease, the commonest is atherosclerosis or artery disease.

See the penile artery is half the diameter of a coronary heart artery for example. So a thin layer of fatty deposits on the inside of your heart artery might only decrease flow by about 20%. Well on your penile artery that same thin layer could mean 50% less blood flow.

But physical blockages are not the only issue. The way an erection takes place is through the dilation of your penile artery which allows a surge of blood. But atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries prevents it from dilating properly. And this is why Viagra works. It’s a vasodilator, it forces your arteries to widen, which logically can wreak havoc on somebody with impaired damage arteries and is likely why over 500 heart disease deaths were linked to Viagra in its first year on the market alone.

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