How to Make A Fertility Drink

Today I will teach you how to make this simple fertility smoothie for women. This is a very great product, it has only natural ingredients, so you do not have to fear about any negative side effects.

You do not need to buy fertility supplements in the drugstore; you can make your fertility boosting drink at home. All you need it is simple ingredients that you can find at any local shop or supermarket.

Quick Note
You should drink it every single day when you are trying to get pregnant.

You can recommend your sexual partner to take sperm volume supplements, that improves fertility rate. It is pretty yummy and pretty delicious, and it is packed full of nutrients.

So we need one cup of organic berries. Berries are the great antioxidant.

Then you need two cups of almond milk.

One scoop of protein powder. Whatever protein powder you have, you want one serving.

Two shots of wheatgrass.

Then take a Maca Root powder. It is one of my favorite; I love it. It is an aphrodisiac; it nourishes the reproductive organs. It gives you energy; it balances the hormones.

One teaspoon of Royal jelly.

Then we have one pack of frozen Acai berry. It is again a great antioxidant for healthy cells.

One teaspoon of Bee Pollen.

It is super important to know that royal jelly and the bee pollen come from bees. So if you have a bee allergy, please do not use these products.

Than take one teaspoon of liquid omega oil. It is good for your brain.

One scoop of powdered mix greens, which is again great for healthy cells and blood flow.

Then mix all these ingredients in your blender and make a smoothie. Drink it every day if you want to conceive fast. This smoothie will improve your fertility, and you will have better chances to get pregnant and to have a healthy child.

If you have an allergy for some of the ingredients mention above, you can exclude it from the recipe. This is not very critical.

So I hope you will like this DIY smoothie recipe, it is straightforward to prepare, but it gives you a lot of benefits for your health.

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