Pressure Washer Troubleshooting and More


1) Problem: A high spike in pressure

Solution: It could be a problem with your unloader. Check the unloader. It could be over-adjusted or the unloader could be by-passing. The motor could also be too low or there could be a problem with the throttle control valve.

2) Problem: No pressure

Solution: There could be a problem with the pump not turning or the nozzle, including no nozzle or the wrong nozzle size. Check to see if the nozzle is, in fact, the correct size and fits properly. Your owner’s instruction manual will offer specs of the right size. If the water is spraying out sporadically or in different directions, there could also be a problem with the O ring washer repair pasadena.

3. Problem: Low pressure

Solution: There could be a problem with the nozzle being the incorrect size or it could be worn. If you find that is the case, try replacing the nozzle. Make sure to follow the instructions and specifications in your owner’s manual. Also check the valves to see if they’re dirty. If needed, replace them. If there’s water leakage, which is always a possibility, you’ll need to replace damaged fittings and/or hoses.

4. Problem: Pressure is fine and then drops suddenly after several minutes of use

Solution: More than likely, this indicates a clogged nozzle or dirt in the unloader. Valves can also be clogged. You’ll need to check all of these to make sure there are no blockages caused by dirt. Either clean or replace these parts, depending on what is specified in your owner’s manual.

5. Problem: Water leaking

Solution: Any water leakages in your pressure washer indicates either a worn or lose-fitting part, including worn packings or loose fittings. Seals may need to be replaced.

6. Problem: Water in the oil

Solution: A symptom of this will be a liquid with a milky appearance. Check humidity and the inlet pressure. Pump oil may need to be changed. Test inlet pressure and/or install regulator. Oil seals may also be worn, so you’ll want to check those for wear and tear. If they’re worn, you’ll want to replace them.

7. Problem: Fluctuation in RPM and pressure

Solution: Check fuel as there could be a shortage of fuel. There could also be old fuel in which you’ll want to replace. There could also be a plugged pilot circuit. Partially remove the choke lever to see if the engine runs more consistent.

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