Skin Care for Skin With Rosacea

Today I want to share with you skin care tips for rosacea skin.

Use Proper Cleanser

Tip number one is using a gentle cleanser. This is super important, and this is going back to the fact that you need to use the proper skin care products for your skin type. You want to make sure you’re using a very gentle cleanser; you don’t want to use anything too harsh, you don’t want to be scrubbing your skin, you don’t want to be using a lot of glycolic or any salicylic acid. Those are just going to be too harsh for your skin, and it can create some more flare-ups of your skin.

Quick Note
So choose cleanser products that were developed specifically for rosacea skin.

If you have rosacea, if you have sensitive skin, this is just going to soothe your skin, which is what you want with rosacea, you want to alleviate everything. It calms the skin. And that is exactly what this does, and it also will help to control the redness in your skin too.

No Peels

Tip number two is to skip your facials, skip your microdermabrasion, and skip chemical peels. All those things while they’re good for people that don’t have rosacea, if you have rosacea those things are going to be so irritating to your skin.

Although several procedures like microdermabrasion, a chemical peel – they’re all going to be too rough and too aggravating to the skin, it will make your rosacea flare up, and it will aggravate it so much.

Remember, when you have rosacea, and you have the susceptible skin, you want to ensure you’re very gentle with your skin, you want to make sure all your skin care products – everything you’re doing to your skin – is super soft.

Use Mineral Makeup

Tip number three is all about makeup. You should watch what makeup you’re putting on your skin.

And a lot of times people with sensitive rosacea skin won’t pay attention to the makeup that they’re wearing on their skin. But that a lot of times can make your rosacea worse, and you don’t even realize that that’s a trigger.

Did You Know?
When choosing makeup, you want to ensure all your makeup is fragrance-free, and you also want to learn more towards mineral-based makeup.

It is so much more gentle to the skin, and you should look into more of a mineral type powder foundation versus a liquid foundation because liquid foundations can clog your pores and then that can also lead to flare-ups of rosacea.

You want to keep things very gentle on the skin. Mineral based makeup powders, blushes – those are going to help your rosacea; those aren’t going to lead to flare-ups, they’re going to be more sensitive to your skin.

So if you have rosacea, try to steer clear of a lot of the makeup out there and go towards the more mineral-based makeup.

Always Use SPF

Tip number four for rosacea is to use SPF sunscreen every single day no matter if it’s sunny, regardless of if it is cloudy, no matter if it’s raining. It is the same for everyone out there but if you have rosacea is expressly you need to use SPF every single day, and you want to use a mineral-based SPF.

A lot of times chemical SPF will irritate and aggravate your skin, cause flare-ups.

So use SPF every single day and especially if you have rosacea. The Sun is such a huge contributing factor to rosacea flare-ups. A lot of times if you are getting the sun on your skin, you will notice that your rosacea will act up, you will have more redness to the skin, some of those bumps will start appearing. You want to control the amount of sun that is hitting your skin. Use SPF every day and again make sure it is the light one.

Skin Care for Skin With Rosacea
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