Top Tips to Reach G-Spot

It’s important for both men and women to achieve the satisfaction in having sex. For women, it’s crucial for them to reach the clitoral and G-spot orgasm. It’s much easier for men to make their women get clitoral orgasm than the G-spot orgasm.

Did You Know?
A study reveals that most men can’t find their partner’s G-spot.

Finding the woman’s G-spot can be tricky for some men. It can be harder if you have a small size. Is it possible to reach G-Spot with a small penis? The answer is obviously yes. It’s still possible for men with a small penis to reach women’s G-spot.

So, here’re some tips on how to reach G-spot with the small penis.

Using Hand

You can use your hand to reach your partner’s G-spot. First, you need to lubricate your fingers which are the index and middle fingers. Then you can slip your two fingers inside her. You can try to use the stroking movements.

Quick Note
G-spot is located in few centimeters up inside your partner’s front vaginal wall.

You can start to use the stroking movement and then continue it with the circular movement. These motions will give your different woman pleasure.

Doggy Style

This is the favorite position for the men with a small penis. This is the effective position to reach orgasm for both women and men. An expert says that doggy style can give the man a feeling of control. The woman can bend forward onto her elbows or forearms and then squeeze her legs together to shorten the vaginal canal. This will make the penetration deeper.  To have the better doggy style position, women need to have strong pelvic floor muscle.  This will make the woman able to grip man tightly to increase the sexual sensation for both man and woman.

Magic Mountain

This position looks like the doggy style. With this position, you need the pillows as the great props. You need to kneel in front of the pads and lean forward over it. If you’re a man, you can kneel behind your partner, and with your legs on the outside of your partner’s legs, you can lean over your woman and penetrate her from behind. To make the better sensation, you can ask your woman to squeeze her thighs together as you thrust into your partner. Your bodyweight on your partner will also give her the higher sexual sensation.

You can try to use other sex positions such as nirvana position and the hero position. These sex positions have a different impact on different couples.

However, you need to remember that the key to getting the G-Spot orgasm in your sexual lovemaking is by making the strong connection between you and your partner. Vigorelle can be helpful for women, who can’t get arousal fast.

Top Tips to Reach G-Spot
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