Medicine to increase sperm count and improve semen volume

Not so common but one certainly that we all learn about in medical school called Kallmann syndrome

which are we call a central defect syndrome? It is when a person has a defect of the midline of essential your body, and in the pituitary gland, they’re not secreting those hormones, especially FSH.

They’re not there, and they don’t have the actual material that the tissue to secrete it. So the testicle never gets the stimulus to make testosterone or to make sperm. And in fact, those men are usually diagnosed late in adolescence when they fail to go through puberty.

Quick Note
The nice thing about men with Kallmann syndrome is that we can replace those hormones and potentially offer not only testosterone improvement therapies but also medicine to increase sperm count.

So again that’s not a deal breaker.

And what about huge and hurt. So testosterone replacement which is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry and the number of men that I see on testosterone replacement, then come to me for fertility issues, keeps escalating over and over, year and year again.

And it’s not going to go away. And this is coming from physicians that prescribe the testosterone replacement as actually well as of course the black market for sperm volume supplements and the anabolic steroid users.

How to Increase your Sperm Volume with Medicine?

Essentially what happens is when a man takes semen boosting supplements his body is not making, his pituitary gland goes to sleep because it’s getting the signal that is testosterone levels are so high, it doesn’t need to make testosterone anymore.

So his production goes down and hands in hand with that because it suppresses that FSH as well as sperm producing hormone. His sperm counts go down as well. Often to 0. So that’s a big thing to remember and a big thing to discuss with your doctor, because a lot of these testosterone preparations men look as sperm increase pills and they are not even mentioned as medication.

So when you’re filling out your intake sheets, and you go to your physician, and it says medications, and you don’t put semen volume therapy. You think that is a sperm volume supplement. You have to let your doctor know that you’re on some low sperm count therapy.

It’s going to change the diagnosis; it is going to change the workup, and ultimately it’s going to change your success for the better, because semen volume therapy with medicine, infertility is very very reversible.

So for me, I look at all those labs to get an idea of how much that testosterone replacement may be affecting his sperm count.

What about prescription sperm volume medicine?

Did You Know?
The incidence of prescription supplements use in this country is also skyrocketing, and not all of this is through prescription drugs either and not all the time’s men are going to tell me that they are taking those medications.

I can find out by doing the appropriate blood test to see if they are on those medicines, I’ll check the FSH levels, I’ll check their other pituitary hormones, and be able to determine if their drugs use is causing their fertility issues. But essentially it works the same way.

There’s nothing wrong with sperm increase pills in this situation, the semen factor is there, it’s just out to lunch or sitting on the couch disabled from the drugs use.

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