Whirlpool Duet Washer F2 Error Code

When the Whirlpool Duet washer management board detects a “lengthy drain” situation the management panel will show the F2 Error Code.

Throughout many elements of the wash cycle the pump will activate and try to empty the water from the within of the bathtub. If the pump time exceeds eight minutes the water valves will flip off and a F2 error code will flash. In lots of situations the error code will floor however then “go away” solely to floor 1 day, week, or month later. Different occasions the error code will floor and won’t go away till skilled restore is required whirlpool dryer repair los angeles.

There are a number of various things that trigger the lengthy drain or lack of ability to pump effectively. Essentially the most frequent drawback I see is junk, bobby pins, toothpicks, socks, underwear, bra under-wires, plastic, dryer sheets, and different non-mentionable objects:-> that in some way work there approach in between the inside and outer tubs and get sucked into the drain pump canal.

The opposite drawback I see is a faulty or malfunctioned pump impeller. The impeller tends to interrupt from its shaft and rattle round as an alternative of rotating in a clean style – which is required for correct pump operation. What causes this? Properly, within the earlier paragraph I discussed the junk that finally will get sucked into the washer pump canal. A few of this junk makes its well past the pump entice, if it is sufficiently small, and prompted sufficient stress on the impeller to wreck and finally break it.

So, how can we confirm if we’ve got a foul pump or we have to clear the pump canal? Straightforward, we select step 1, clear the pump canal – from the pump all over the rubber drain baffle on the backside of the washer.

First step, take away the underside entrance panel of washer by loosening and eradicating the three screws situated on the very backside entrance of panel. Pull out gently then pull all the way down to take away.

Second step, get a big bowl or shallow pan to catch the water from the drain entice. Place the pan below the drain entice to catch the water and take away the washer pump drain entice cowl by rotating it counter clockwise. This may occasionally take some effort. Work slowly. Eradicating the entice cowl too quick could trigger a large quantity of water to flood out and trigger injury. Take away it simply sufficient so you possibly can catch the water at a managed charge.

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