Who We Are

Viareggio Versilia Congressi SpA: your company’s perfect partner. For meetings, conferences and events assured of success.

The most exclusive Conference Centre in the Versilia, just a few yards from the sea. A unique location – a building of great historical and architectural interest located on the famous beach by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Four large rooms that can hold more than a 1000 conference members.
An excellent internal restaurant serving traditional dishes and fish specialties.

A beach equipped with canopies, cabins and umbrellas, a 25-meter seawater swimming pool and a large terrace available for guests where buffets and aperitifs can be arranged.

Professional, expert service that takes care of the smallest detail and can successfully meet every conference need, from a technical organization and setting-up to translations and assistance at video projections.


Viareggio Versilia Congressi SpA was formed out of long experience in the Viareggio Porto Company which was set up in 1988 to manage the Principe di Piemonte building complex and its private beach.

It later took over management of the hotel and transformed it into the benchmark for conference tourism in the Versilia.


In the 1930s, when private beaches were laid out in parallel rows, the only piece of architecture that stood out, breaking the monotony of buildings at right angles to the sea, was the building for the Select beach (now the Principe di Piemonte).

Built by Giuseppe De Micheli to designs by architect Castelfranco of Florence, it was opened on 23 July 1938 and occupied 10,000 square meters of sandy beach. It had 150 cabins with drinking and seawater and toilets, swimming pool with diving board, dance halls, restaurant, café with a cold buffet, a terrace on the sea and a large cinema-theatre with air-conditioning.

The press described the Select as “the best for beach amenities in Europe”.


Board of Directors:
  • Chairman: Luca Simonetti
  • Directors
    Riccardo Carloni
    Katiuscia Guidi

Board of Auditors:

  • Chairman: Dott Enrico Motroni
  • Auditors
    Dott Gianfranco Antognoli
    Dott.ssa Patrizia Lencioni

The staff of Viareggio Versilia Congressi SpA is made up of committed, qualified professionals who can anticipate the customer’s needs and wishes, help him at every stage in the organization and put him in touch with the most capable operators and the best service suppliers in the area.

There no event or post-event problems that we cannot deal with:

  • Chairman
    Luca Simonetti
    Tel: +39.0584.408641
    E-mail: l.simonetti@viareggiocongress.com
  • Chairman’s Office, Executive and Private Beach Management 
    Katiuscia Guidi
    Tel: +39.0584.408641 Fax +39.0584.564432
    Cell. 329.0696417
    E-mail: k.guidi@viareggiocongress.com
  • Conference Organisation
    Elena Gori
    Silvia Focacci
    Tel: +39.0584.409074 Fax +39.0584.564612
    Cell. 334.1144589
    E-mail: e.gori@viareggiocongress.co
  • Stabilimento Principe di Piemonte
    Katiuscia Guidi
    Tel: +39.0584.408641 Fax +39.0584.564432
    E-mail: k.guidi@viareggiocongress.com
  • Responsabile Logistica
    Franco Polacci
    Tel: +39.0584.409074 Fax +39.0584.564612
    Cell. 338.7850852
    E-mail: f.polacci@viareggiocongress.com
  • Responsabile Manutenzioni
    Mencarini Roberto
  • Responsabile Pulizie
    Benedetti Fabiola
  • Responsabile di spiaggia
    Luca De Prete